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    How do you take your business to the top on Google?  That's it right?  The business at or near the top of any search engine results is getting all the clicks. This is a fact you already know because this is what we do... we click on the top guy  or the second from the top and then we keep going down the list untill we are satisfied with their web site.  What does it take to be the best in Las Vegas?  What does it take to be the best in the world?  What are the secrets of search engine optimization (SEO)?  Keep reading and I will tell you, the secret is quite simple, and not so dificult.  The secret to SEO is not magic or luck... the secret to being on the first page of Google is not a mystery nor is it sooooo complex or dificult that only the brilliant or privlledged can do it.   I'm going to tell you the secret...  are you ready?

    You must be the world authority on your key words

    This is not as hard as you might think.  Part of the secret is giving.  Yes, giving of your self, your hard earned knowledge (for free like I am doing now).  

    I will give you some examples of how I stumbled upon the secrets of SEO.  Try my first name for starters:  DeCall yes that is my first name and what was a curse in elementary school is plus for the internet age.  I know what you are probably thinking, what good is that?  What does that have to do with me?  Luck can teach us something.  By creating a web page about my own personal stuff, I soon rose to the top position in the world for the word "decall".  How many "one word" phrases are you number one on Google?????   

    Ok, example number two... something a little harder.  "Monroe Co. Ky" this is a place and it should not be too easy to be number one or even on the first page for a place (two or three word phrase).  I noticed after a few months of work on my personal family tree that became number one for a time (now  aprox. #6) for Monroe County KY  because my family tree was listing person after person born, married, or died in that place.  In addition I had old photos and provided lots of extra information on that part of Kentucky.... in effect I have become somewhat of a "world authority" on these key words... and of course I am the world authority on the subject of DeCall (lol).  You get my point.   

    Case study number three:  "Welding Las Vegas".   You may not know it, but I am a welder.  You remember I said "world authority" for a key word phrase.  Now this is a phrase that is not so tough to understand, right?  You probably have little doubt that I am  an authority on "Welding Las Vegas" and I have the photos to prove it.  Now if you think about your self, you too are probably an authority on something (hopfully it's a 2 or 3 word phrase that pays money).  What do you think the phrase is worth?  I can tell you that my business is doing better than other shops in Las Vegas because I am always number one or number two.  That equals real money, real sales per month, real results for your company's bottom line!  I admit, I discovered these SEO secrets by luck and skill, but I intend to give you some more examples to take the entire concept even further.  

    Example number 4:  My customer American Piping Services (APS).  They are number one in the nation for "Hot Wet Tapping" but this is not very useful to anyone.  "Wet tapping", now this is more useful and starts to be worth some money for my customer APS (1st page of Google and rising).  "Pipe Pinching" top in the nation, or "Certified Welding" (a verb not a noun) or how about "Steel Las Vegas" for my customer Alpine Steel.  How about my brother "Devin Damascus" Do you think any of these key words are worth money if you are at the top of the results?  YES!  Of course it's worth money.  So let's think about it some more.  What is better, you looking for customers OR customers comming to you?  

    What do you do now?

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    VEN.US.COM (Venus Marketing) and sign up for a free assessment of your company.  Now go make it happen and put your company at the top of all major search engines in the english speaking world (for a few hundred dollars).  Still not convinced?  Be sure to look at the other SEO company's examples.  Think short money making phrases.

    Did you forget the secret?

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